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My name is Stu McLaren, and I help
experts, authors, speakers, coaches,
consultants, and all types of business
owners transform their knowledge,
expertise, and influence into recurring
revenue by launching, growing, and
scaling membership businesses.

In 2008, I co-founded the world's
most popular membership platform
for WordPress - WishList Member

Stu McLaren
And when I sold my interests
in October 2014, we were
powering over 70,000+ online
communities and membership
That gave me a unique understanding of the
dynamics involved with building highly
profitable (but low-stress) online communities.
Most importantly, I discovered what keeps
members happy and coming back month after
month—which is the secret to profitability
From there, I decided to test my
knowledge, and I partnered
with New York Times best-
selling author Michael Hyatt.
Together, we took his business from making high 6-figures (with lots and lots of stress) to
a high 7-figure business (with low-stress). His
business became way more profitable, his email list grew from 70,000 to over 500,000, and he gained back over 100+ days with his family by not having to travel.
Michael Hyatt

That led to coaching and
consulting other high-level
experts and influencers

These clients wanted the same kind of growth — without the stress or
tension of neglecting the things that matter most. In fact, I now host my
very own IMPACT Mastermind with high 7-figure membership site owners.

But the reality is…

Adding recurring revenue to your
business isn’t just for established
authors, experts, or coaches

And as the Creator of The
Membership Experience™
(formerly TRIBE) and Co-
founder of Searchie, I’ve helped
tens of thousands of people
launch, grow, and scale
memberships around their
knowledge and expertise.
And this isn’t just some markets—I’ve literally helped people in virtually every market you can think of—from photography and
calligraphy to dog training, fitness, music,
health, meal plans, teacher plans, non-profit,
personal development, business development, and so many more!
And through it all, I’ve discovered the subtle
nuances that make a BIG difference in the
success of the sites that thrive year over
year versus those that struggle and stall.
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My first sale
Slider image 2
Started affiliate
management business
Slider image 3
Married my beautiful
wife Amy
Slider image 4
Co-founder of #1
membership plug-in
for WordPress
Slider image 5
Founded our charity
Village Impact
Slider image 6
Welcome baby Marla ❤️
Slider image 7
Partnered with NY
Times best selling
author Michael Hyatt
Slider image 8
Sold shares to WishList
Member, powering 70K+
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Welcome Sammy 💙
Slider image 10
An email from Reid
Tracy that changed
Slider image 11
Launched The
Membership Experience™
(formerly TRIBE)
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Slider image 13
Cali joined the
McLaren family 🐶
Slider image 14
Wrote my first book:
Predictable Profits
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Serving thousands of people
through The Membership
Experience™ and Searchie

Redesign your business So That
You Can be more present for
the things that matter most

What I love most about recurring revenue
is reducing the “go-go-go” stress and
instead redesigning your business and your
life so you can be more present in the lives
of those that matter most to you.
To laugh more, live more, and create a real difference in the
world. Plus, it alleviates stress—on you and your business. And not
only that, it gives you a heck of a lot more freedom and space.
When you’ve got the space to creatively and confidently bring your
best work to the world, that’s when you begin having the greatest
impact on the people you serve. The byproduct of that is more
success. And the more success you experience, the more you can
invest in the people and the causes you care about.
Stu McLaren

The more money you make, the
more impact you can have.

There’s also a BIGGER reason why I’m so passionate about
membership sites and recurring revenue.
It’s because I believe that a recurring membership is THE greatest tool for creating positive
change in this world. And this belief came from one question I asked years ago when I
traveled to rural Kenya.
My wife Amy inspired me to use my entrepreneurial skills to make more money for causes that we were passionate about. That led to us starting our own charity, Village Impact, which focuses on bringing education to kids who didn't have a chance to go to school.
So there I was, in the middle of nowhere, hundreds of mud huts on my left and an open, grassy field on my right. We stood there talking to the chairman of this community, seeking information on what it would cost to build a school.
That’s when I asked… “What does it cost to fund the full-time salary of a teacher?”
His response was: “Roughly $100/month.”
Now at the time, I was selling our membership software (WishList Member) for $97 for a single site license. So when I heard $100/month, I made a connection.
I thought to myself, “If I just make one more sale per month and dedicate that to funding these teachers, imagine the ripple effect that could have for all these kids.”
But my mind went further… Imagine if these were monthly
subscriptions? Think about the impact of adding one more
monthly member. What if that were the revenue from 10
members, 100 members or 1,000 members?
Think of all the good that could come from these subscriptions. Think of all the schools that could be built and consistently funded. All the kids that would get an education.
And the long-term ripple that could have on future generations in these communities.
Suddenly, everything felt different. It clicked.
For years I had dealt with all kinds of “money guilt.” I never had a problem making money, but internally I struggled once I had it. There was this tension of wanting more, but feeling selfish when I got more.
I don’t know if you’ve ever dealt with something like that, but it led to all kinds of self-sabotage that ultimately affected my growth and potential.
But that day, I realized something that has now become the driving force behind my passion for business. I realized that “the more money I make, the more impact I can have.”
Thank you for joining me on your journey!